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Helium Heels $12.95

Helium Heels is another adventure of the baby ghost family that first appeared in The Helium Egg. This time the precocious babies decide to play a trick on sleeping donkeys and paint their hoofs with helium red paint. The resulting pandemonium that follows has all the farm animals cheering and joining in the fun, watching the floating donkeys and dancing around the pasture.

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The Helium Table $12.95

When heavy medical books are removed from a dining room table, it floats out the front door. All of the farm animals jump on the table to hold it down, but it still floats like a balloon into space. By working together and collecting space junk, the animals bring the table home again.

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The Helium Egg $12.95

A little black hen finds a soft blue egg, which rapidly expands and starts to float. All the barnyard animals, including ducks, geese, donkeys, sheep, cats, dogs, and peacocks are needed to sit on the egg to weigh it down and keep it inside the barn. What hatches is a surprise to the animals and the reader.

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All three books stimulate the imagination of children and show the benefits of working together, even though the animals involved are very different from one another.

The books are 8" X 10", with gorgeous full-color illustrations and large print.

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