New Names in the
World of Children's Books

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Eleanor Hutton and Dorinda Shelley are two now familiar names being talked about in the world of children's books. Dr. Shelley, a retired dermatologist, has published before, but heavy tomes involving her medical specialty. She says that "...writing children's books is my avocation...", and once you read one of her stories, populated with families, farm animals, and clever scenarios, you will agree that it could be called her true passion in life.

Nora's passion is art. Involved as a participant in the world of art since childhood, she is talented, and wholly committed to her career. She and Dorinda published two books in 2010, The Helium Egg and The Helium Table, and the third book in this delightful series is just out in the summer of 2012. Look for Helium Heels in and other booksellers, or get your copy from Nora.

Nora has another children's book in print as a solo enterprise. Ocean life replaces farm animals in this beautifully illustrated book that will fascinate adults as much as their children.

The Sea Turtle's Journey is edge-to-edge color, elegantly written, and you can read about this gorgeous book right here.

The Journey of the Sea Turtle
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